aged gouda cheese

Aged Gouda

This is not your ordinary Dutch Gouda (pronounced How-da), this is Aged Gouda cheese.  This cow’s milk, unpasteurized cheese is the most complex item in our cheese counter; very sharp, nutty and sweet. As the Gouda ages, it matures into a full-flavoured with a taste of burnt caramel and crystalline texture. A unique cheese, always fantastic! It is aged 5 years in-house at Cheese Boutique.
Comparable Cheese: Goat Gouda, Picabello, Prima Donna

  • Rind: Waxed
  • Vegetarian: No
  • Type: Hard
  • Pairing: Dark Beer

Gouda Cutter: 1901

gouda cutter IBM
Produced by International Business Machine. Today the company is more formally known as IBM. Sources indicate the patent first originated in 1801. This cutter was exclusively designed for Gouda cheese as the wheel is a specific size and weight for the cutter to work.