Murcia al Vino

Murcia al Vino

Murcia al Vino cheese is produced in the hot and dry Murcia region in southeastern Spain. It is a pasteurized but not cooked, pressed, semi-soft cheese. After the cheese has been pressed and allowed to dry it is immersed in local Murcian wine and aged for about 18 months. Since it is immersed in wine it has come to be known as the “Drunken Goat” cheese. The wine bath imparts its flavor and burgundy color to the outer rind thus producing a distinctive and colorful cheese with a fruity scent of wine. The rind of this cheese is edible and once cut will reveal a bone white interior paste. The flavor has a hint of salt a slight acidic tang and a hint of wine but not an overt goaty taste.
Comparable Cheese: Brillo, Testun di Barolo

  • Rind: Washed
  • Vegetarian: No
  • Type Semi-hard
  • Pairing, Rioja