Le Douanier

Le Douanier

Le Douanier cheese is a Canadian classic that is inspired by the French cheese, Morbier. This amazing cheese is made with a signature line of ash through its centre. This striking feature is reminiscent of Morbier, which was traditionally made with a line of ash running horizontally though it separating the morning and evening milk used in its production. Douanier is a semi-soft cheese with a warm, copper-coloured rind and a dense, pale cream paste with tiny holes found throughout. The thin line of grey-blue ash that splits the cheese is made from maple wood. The aroma is mild and creamy, but becomes slightly stronger and more barn-yardy closer to the rind. Grande Champion Award winner for Best cheese in Canada in 2004.
Comparable Cheese: Morbier, Fromage de Chaumes

  • Rind: Natural
  • Vegetarian: No
  • Type: Semi-soft
  • Pairing: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay