Bleu Moutonniere

Bleu Moutonniere

Bleu de la Moutonniere cheese is produced by Alastair MacKenzie & Lucille Giroux in Ste-Helene de Chester, Quebec at the small Fromagerie la Moutonnier. They focus on the well-being and happiness of the sheep that they take milk from, resulting in a fabulous testament to sheep’s-milk blue cheese! The cheese, made from unpasturized milk, is aged for 2-3 months in an underground cave and kept at well maintained temperature and natural humidity, which help to ensure good quality. Aged in-house 6 months, this is a very rare & unique rustic cheese that is big bold and aromatic.
Comparable Cheese: Bleu l’Etoile

  • Rind: Natural
  • Vegetarian: No
  • Type: Semi-soft, Blue veined
  • Pairing: Late harvest Vidal, Port