Bleu de Basque

Bleu de Basque

Bleu des Basques cheese is produced by the Berria de Onetik cooperative, in the Basque region of France, in the Pyrenees mountains. Bleu des Basques is made from pasturized sheep’s milk. It has a natural beige-coloured rind and cream-coloured paste with very thin, fine blue-gray veins spread throughout. It is a  powerful blue cheese. On the palate, the cheese begins a bit salty. The flavour quickly becomes complex, with a tangy, spicy, fresh flavour, which then evolves into a creamy flavour that coats the palate. Aged 12 months in our vault.
Comparable Cheese: Roquefort Papillion Noir, Cabrales, Bleu l’etoile

  • Rind: Natural
  • Vegetarian: No
  • Type: Semi-hard, Blue veined
  • Pairing: Sweet Sauternes