Beemster Masterchoice

Beemster Masterchoice

In the modern market, cheesemakers often try to come up with the “next big cheese” and crowd the shelves with trendy new items. Beemster does just the opposite with Master’s Choice cheese; it goes back in time to create a “new” cheese out of an old recipe. Through a special recipe, fine milk, and extra washing of curds, a cheese was crafted that would mature for a longer time. The result was a cheese with a broad profile. The flavors develop an aged Dutch character, but the cheese is softer and creamier on the palate due to the extra washing. Master Cheesemaker, Pieter ter Beek selects the wheels that meet his standards, hence the name Master’s Choice.
Comparable Cheese: Aged Gouda, 3 year old Thunderoak Gouda

  • Rind: Waxed
  • Vegetarian: No
  • Type: Hard
  • Pairing: Rioja, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux